Corporate Culture

● He who helps the others will help himself. Heaven cares for every living thing. He who follows the moral principle will prosper; and he who benefits the others will go farther.
● Behave well, help the others, serve the community.
● Work and live happily
Yimei Vision

●Serve the printing industry silently and humbly, take the task of environmental protection as our own responsibility, continue to work hard to develop environmentally-friendly and efficient .
●printing auxiliaries and create an environmentally-friendly water-based international printing auxiliary brand.
Team Concept

● Good Virtue and Personality; Courage and Enthusiasm Second, Ability and Skills Third; Virtue Oriented;
● Kind-hearted Mind Changes Fate; Optimism and Self-confidence Is the Cornerstone of Success;
● Work carefully, progress every day, continue to work hard, turn ordinary into extraordinary;
● Build a first-class enterprise platform with a scientific and reasonable system, and maximize life value of employees
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